Unified buildroot based development environment for the Zynq

I created a buildroot based development environment for the Zynq. This is a unified build for all the software needed for a Zynq processor. It is in a single open source distro and provided for free. This will provide a cross compilers, bootloader(uboot as boot.bin), linux kernel, devicetree, and filesystem.

Buildroot has wide use and is well documented, and in general found online resources for it are excellent. The vast majority of the distro was done by many other talented people, I just put it into a nice package. The buildroot is still under development, but seems be work well.

Dependencies: Buildroot requirements. Downloads: Github, git clone, Tar.


make clean
make vxm_microzed_defconfig


Copy binary images onto a fat formatted sd card
cp ./output/images/* < path of your sdcard >

Then plug it in and boot it up!

Sd Card Image
This is a copy of the files from my distro. The tar contains a boot.bin, u-boot, etc. If you copy the files onto an sd card it should just boot the zynq.
Login: root
Password: rub
The image also contains a few different types for the filesystem. My buildroot outputs those, but only the uboot one is necessary.

Links: Buildroot, Enzynq